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My name is Kimberly Dawn and I’m very interested in children having an amazing childhood. I have a bachelor’s degree from The College of New Rochelle in Liberal Arts and I have a lot of experience working with children teaching them values of life. This book is dedicated to all the children around the world to bring happiness into their lives. I was inspired to write this book during one of my travels on an airplane. I was traveling with my family overseas and noticed this family across from us had a little girl that was crying and afraid to fly. The parents tried everything to calm her down until she fell asleep. During my flight, I had a window seat and was mesmerized of how beautiful and clear the sky was that day and I started writing ideas for this book. The clouds were in so many different shapes that look like animals and objects; that I visualized an entire village.

My goal is to bring an imaginary life to the sky so that children will not have a fear of flying. This book will also teach children different life experiences and how to deal with certain situations. It will also help them to realize that other children deal with similar issues and they will not feel alone.